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First-time Chiropractic Patients

What to expect on your first visit

After a warm welcome, I will ask you to complete a brief form including information about the reason for your office visit, injuries and general health history. Then I will take a detailed history of past injuries, accidents and any relevant medical issues. History is 90% of any diagnosis and examination either confirms the diagnosis or determines whether there is a need to pursue more diagnostic studies (x-rays, MRI…).

Following the history, I will perform a thorough physical exam consisting of Range of Motion (whole spine) examination of any injured articulations (joints), orthopedic tests (stressing the joints) to determine the structures involved with the complaint and when indicated limited neurological tests. I might check your balance, watch you walk, and touch areas of your back, neck, legs, arms, and feet to determine where you experience any pain and/or tightness. The exam also serves to rule out the presence of more serious lesions or structural compromise which may be present in your body.

After the examination and any needed studies (additional studies are not often indicated), we will discuss what I believe is going on in your body and what is the best approach to facilitate healing. I am well networked here in Puerto Vallarta and La Peñita. In the event that we conclude that it would be in your best interest for a consultation and/or treatment from a professional outside of Chiropractic, I will do my best to assist you in finding a qualified healthcare professional in the appropriate discipline.