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Who Needs Chiropractic?

Chiropractors commonly treat problems of the musculoskeletal systems along with the neurological symptoms that could accompany them. Some common conditions treated are:

• Postural imbalances & syndromes (rehabilitation of Upper-cross postural syndromes)
• Forward head carriage
• Rounded shoulders
• Sciatica
• Low back pain
• Neck pain
• Work injuries
• Lifting injuries
• Slip & Falls
• Car accident injuries (whiplash)
• Sport injuries
• Headaches
• Frozen shoulders
• Tingling and numbness in the upper & lower extremities
• Hip pain
• Knee pain
• Joint pain
• Herniated discs
• Bulging discs
• Pain down leg
• Problems with balance
• Fibro Myalgia

The list can go on however it is important to understand that Chiropractic has many more benefits than treating injuries and pain. There are many studies that have been done which demonstrate benefits of chiropractic for maximizing your body’s functional potential and also for athletic performance including increasing flexibility, stamina and overall agility.

In 2001 & 2002 I treated the Cal Berkeley Sculling Crew (UC Berkeley) which consisted of a minimum of eight Olympic Athletes from eight different countries along with many other aspiring World Class Athletes. The treatments were almost exclusively for the purpose of maximizing their potential and helping them to perform at their very optimum level in order to be the best in the world at the sport they competed in. In these two years the Cal Berkeley Crew were the National Champions and ranked #1 in United States.

Many people get chiropractic care without having any symptoms or injuries with the goal of achieving their maximum potential in their day to day activities and as a preventative measure to avoid the health problems that are related to the Vertebral Subluxation Complex and spinal functional disorders! Examples of other benefits of Chiropractic that many people have experienced but are not limited to are:

• Sleeping improvements
• Better concentration
• Less muscular stress
• Improvement (lowering of) blood pressure
• Improved endurance and stamina
• Rehabilitation for post-surgical knee, hip & back
• greater flexibility
• General movement improvements
• Improved and increased balance

I personally do not treat conditions which are of a systemic nature; however they are often reduced or eliminated as a result of the care my patients receive from me. We have all been educated and conditioned to seek out care when we are sick or in pain. There is a much more sound and effective approach to being healthy. Maintaining the health and balance in our bodies. We need to keep our immune systems strong and take a preventative approach by maintaining our spines and bodies with sound lifestyle chooses, good nutrition and a positive attitude.

If asked what I specialize in, the most accurate description after Chiropractic would be Neuro-Muscular Re-education (NMR). This is a systematic approach of balancing the musculature of the body to correct postural imbalances and return proper balance to the muscles supporting our frame. One of my next posts will be a detailed explanation of NMR.

Who needs Chiropractic? In my humble opinion, we all can use and benefit from Chiropractic adjustments. The absence of pain does not mean that we are functioning at our best. When we have a bio mechanical deficit or joints and muscles that are not working correctly, the last symptom to develop is pain. When our pain leaves us, our joints and muscles along with the along with the nerve interference may still present if we have not taken action to correct the imbalances. When our spines are functioning at their best, free of Vertebral Subluxation, our nervous system can function free of interference giving us a greater potential to be healthy and dis-ease free.

Your Puerto Vallarta Chiropractor,

Dr. Lenny

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